Will Windows/Programs work in a new system ?

If a change my motherboard and processor to a more updated / speedy versions, would windows ( XP ) and the programs installed in the Hard Disk still work or should I reinstall everything again ?
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've found that Windows XP is pretty good about adapting to a completely new hardware environment.  It's certainly much better than previous versions of Windows.  Things to do ahead of time, before removing the old hardware (if possible):

1) Change the display adapter to the "VGA".  This is the lowest-common-denominator and should allow you to get a display no matter what new display adapter is present.

2) Remove any old hardware from the system that you can and plug in any NEW hardware that you can so that the old system can detect and load drivers for network cards, modems, etc.

3) If possible, make a complete (IMAGE) backup of the original drive so that if everything goes wrong, you can still get back to your starting place.

In my experience, this works most of the time and will save you a lot of trouble if it works.  If it doesn't work, you're no worse off since the solution is to re-install everything anyway.  So it's worth a try in my opinion.
Changing the motherboard usually requires the minimum above, but for best results, I would recommend a clean install.
Try the above first as I have done this successfully but not always the best solution.
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