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Hello, is there a way to limit bandwidth usage by protocol?  We have a remote office with roughly 70 users.  The remote office is connected to our corporate headquarters via a T1.  The remote office's web traffic traverses the T1 then uses an Internet link at HQ.  Lately the T1 circuit has been getting totally saturated.  I connected a sniffer and noticed that the majority of traffic coming across the T1 is web based.  Is there a way I can configure rate limiting or something else on the remote office router to limit the amount of HTTP traffic that can traverse the T1 at a given time?  I know there is a way to rate limit total bandwidth but I'm hoping there is a way to be protocol specific.  The remote router is a Cisco 2610 running 12.2(15)T17.  I’d like to limit HTTP traffic to no more than 1 meg.

Thanks for the assistance!
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pjtemplinConnect With a Mentor Commented:

access-list 2101 permit tcp any eq 80 any

class-map http
 match access-list 2101
policy-map mypolicy
 class http
 police 1000 (verify units; might need 1000000)
 class class-default
int Ax/y
 service-policy in mypolicy
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
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