Dual Monitor Support with Dell Latitude D600 and Advanced Port Replicator in Win2k


I have a D600 that is docked to a D/APR.  Running Win2k SP4.  It is equipped with Radeon 9000 mobile graphics.  

I have tried updating system BIOS, setting BIOS to boot to the Systems graphics card, updated all display drivers (latest CATALYST from ATI), updated all laptop system drivers (NSS update from DELL) and even tried a mod utility I found in the Dell message boards that supposedly should have addressed this problem (DHmodtool3).  

Still no luck.  When I go to look at my display properties, it tells me that I am using "(Multiple Monitors) on ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9000, but I only have one monitor icon above that.  I am expecting to see two numbered screens but cannot for the life of me get it to work that way.  

I have tried using both the digital and analog outputs on the APR.  Any other thoughts?


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Try going into the advanced section of display properties into the ATI Tools.  While I haven't used them on a laptop in Windows 2000, when I used them on desktops in win2K, the ATI tools were the only way to enable the configuration.   If the ATI drivers can see both monitors, it typically will show one monitor "on", and one "off", and give you the option of running dual monitors or an extended display.
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None of these suggestions have been successful.  I recommend we close the question.

Go to Support and ask them to close the Q there. Don't forget to post a link to this Q when you ask. When you post new Questions in the Support TA, you don't need to use any points.
bstarrsAuthor Commented:

haven't had to do that before.  Taken care of.

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