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Backup data between 2 PCs on a LAN at home

I have 2 PCs on a local LAN at home

My workstation has 30GBytes of disk and is my regular PC with email, downloads and presentations etc

The other PC is an HP Proliant Server with 160GBytes of RAID-1 disk, and is hardly used.

I would like to back up my workstation on to the Server.

I currently do occasional manual backups, by copying folders from one PC to the other.

Ideally I would like to find a utility that will automatically monitor specifed folders in the workstation and copy the changes to a folder in the other PC.  Either this should be automatic every time I change a file, or at regular preset times.

Anyone have any suggestions ?

I do not have a problem in paying for a professional Utility, as long as it is reliable

So I would like to hear about your experiences over time.

Thanks in advance.


2 Solutions
I use Cobian backup it works great and it is free. You are able to set it to backup at scheduled times during the week M-F automatically. This software also does compression into Zip files. It will allow you to do backups over your network.



If you have windows XP or windows 2000 (possibly other window OS versions as well)..... there is a built in backup program. You could schedule that to run daily, weekly, or whenever you prefer. You are able to specify where you want to save the backup (.bkf) file as well. You could save this file to a share on your server in this case.

Start --> all programs -->accessories --> system tools--> backup

I'd give this a shot (or the solution mentioned from JoeZ430) and see if you like it before spending money.

Hope this helps
If you just want to backup your DATA folders, then there are gobs of ways to copy specific folders from one pc to another.  Replicator (www.karenware.com) is one that is free for personal use.

If you want a full image backup of your desktop computer hard drive, then you need an IMAGING backup solution.  With an image backup, you don't have to reinstall XP all over again and all your software if your hard drive fails.  You boot from the vendor restore cd, select your backup from the network, restore to a new hard drive, and you're done.

Ghost 10.0 (www.symantec.com) and True Image 9.1 (www.acronis) are two very popular image backup solutions.

I use Ghost 10.0 myself, but know many happy people that like True Image.

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