Crash as value not long enough?


Im getting a crash in my code (at the part commented below)

public virtual object InitialValue
                return dataTypeInitialValue;
                List<string> reasons = new List<string>();
                IsValid(value, reasons);
//LINE BELOW - As reasons.Count = 1
//The string '' is less than the minimum length of 10 characters.
                if(reasons.Count > 0)
                    throw new ApplicationException(reasons[0]);
                dataTypeInitialValue = value;

Now the Minimum and Maximum valid length can change all the time.
Just at this point its crashing as its trying to assing an InitialValue to be "" instead of the minimum required value of 10 (in this case).

The thing is when I created this control (in our program) I gave it a minimum value of 10 but didnt assign the InitialValue to be anything (hence its "" and crashing)

The question is should I change the IsValid method to allow for an empty InitialValue string even if the minimum is set to something greater than 0?

Any ideas?

The following code might help.

public override void IsValid(object value, List<string> reasons)
            if (value == null) return;
            if (!(value is string)) throw new ApplicationException("Value is of type '" + value.GetType().FullName + "', not 'string'.");
            string stringValue = (string)value;
            if (_bHasMinLength && stringValue.Length < _iMinLength) reasons.Add("The string '" + stringValue + "' is less than the minimum length of " + _iMinLength + " characters.");
            if (_bHasMaxLength && stringValue.Length > _iMaxLength) reasons.Add("The string '" + stringValue + "' is greater than the maximum length of " + _iMaxLength + " characters.");
            // TODO: regexp and allowed characters
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i cant follow up your problem.
when is InitialValue called?
if you wanna add a value to your reasons list?
and why are you passing an object in your IsValid method instead of using a string directly?
you only save strings in your list, correct?
paulwhelanAuthor Commented:
Sorry worked it out myself
please ignore
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