Problems logging into a Windows 2000 SP4 SERVER.

I am having problems logging into one of my Windows 2000 SP4 server. This is a member server in my AD/Win2k3 domain. Its basically a file server with some SQL DB's on it.  Anyhow.
When I login to the machine, I get the logging into profile window and then it stays at a blank background with my mouse cursor on the screen and doesn't go any further than that.  I tried SAFE MODE, no dice, I tried last known good configuration, no dice... I tried logging into the machine using local and domain admin accounts with no dice.

Next thing I did is right after I logged into the machine I would bring up task manager. I know if you go FILE RUN, and type explorer.exe you can manually run your desktop up on your screen.  Well when I would start task manager, I would see explorer.exe run and then followed by a explorer.exe tries to run and then crashes. Not sure how to fix it, but remember, I can't log into the machine to run scripts.  Thanks
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Adam LeinssConnect With a Mentor Senior Desktop EngineerCommented:
Can you use the remote computer management snap-in to connect to the machine?  If so, an inspection and report of the event logs would prove useful.
I recall a Win NT problem like this back in the day... It came down to the default profile folder not being there... the solution was to copy a default profile folder from another machine and add it to the troublesome system.  I dont know if Win2k is the same way never tried it out but might be worth the time to go in via the admin share and see if the default user folder is there?  I dont know for sure if it will fix it.... but maybe worth a try.
bsanmiguelAuthor Commented:
Nothing much reported in the event logs that would point to a particular problem.
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