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Allow access to a network drive with a Password on demand

I have a computer in our conference room, running Window 2000.  This is used for general presentations with the LCD projector.  The computer is configured to auto login to an account called jaesconf and the desktop is configured to provide shortcuts to the programs (like Excel, PowerPoint, etc that someone would need for presentations.

There is one drive we call H: \Admin which has limited access, only certain Admin user accounts can access the H: \Admin drive.  

This setup works fine at the authorized Admin user's desktop, where they have H: \Admin mapped, but when they go upstairs to use the conference room, they no longer have access to H: \Admin.

The jaesconf account currently has no access to the H: \Admin drive, because it is left unattended most of the time and would present a security risk.

I would like find a setup for the conference room computer so the H: \Admin is unavailable when the computer is unattended, but H: \Admin could be given a password and opened on demand, by an authorized Admin user so they could use the data there for presentations, without having to logout and back on as another user.  They should be able to disable access to H: \Admin it after it is no longer needed.

Thanks for any ideas.

2 Solutions
First thought is that you could just put a shortcut to the to the shared file or just the computer on the desktop of that computer.  When the admin came in they could click that icon and it would prompt for a username and password to access.  The only problem is it would keep that info until they logged off so then if someone came in who was not suppose to access then they would be able to get to it if the person had not logged off.  Now you could write small .bat files to map the drive and then disconnect them when the admin is done and that might work.

The other thought was using some sort of lockdown software such as http://www.horizondatasys.com/product_page.html?page_id=59
Where the user can just press some hotkeys and enter a password to unlock the computer and then lock it back when they leave or set it to autolock after idle period of time.  This way in locked state you could hide the drives under my computer and the my network places and such.
yes you would be bext having the user log off that machine when not in use. then the admin user can login  with their details and habe access to the h drive

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