Web Portal, external connection issues, wrong IP address in ICA launch file

I have a mixed xpe, fp3, fp4 Metaframe farm running on 2000 and 2003 servers.  We have a internal network on a 10.1.x.x.  My Web Interface works internally with no problems.  But no one can access the applications from the outside, they can access the webinterface, but when launching a application it dies in the connection stage, saying No Citrix Metaframe server exists on the specified address.  We have a 2003 server running IIS that  has the web portal installed on it at, our firewall guy has published a external address to our internal web portal server, including port forwarding of 80, 443, and 1494.  I rebuilt the 191 server without presentation server installed and just IIS and the webconsole from a FP4 disk.   I’ve saved the ICA file on the desktop of a remote PC and its showing the internal address of the published applications server in the connection information.  How do I change the ICA file to give the external ip address??  If I manually change the ip in the file it launch's the application correctly.  
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centrepcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check to make sure you have the alternate address configured on the server.  

from command line


It should be set to the pulic IP address that is being forwarded to your citrix server.  

If it is not set you can altaddr /? for the correct syntax
I think it is just altaddr /set xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

You need to also make sure that the web interface is set to use the alternate address for external subnets.  

If published applications work but the web interface doesn't it will be the config in the web interface.  If you cannot run published apps externally than it will be the alternate address.

Hope this helps

if it runs when changing the launch.ica file then you've probably got everything configured correctly expect the web interface.

You just need to change this:

in the Access Suite Console (web interface admin tool) click "Manage Secure Client Access" > Edit DMZ Settings

Change the default connection to "Alternate"

If you want the internal connections to work then create additional rules for those subnets such as:
District51Author Commented:
Thank you both.  I accepted the first question thinking I could divide the points or award both as correct as it took both setting the altaddr and the default connection to Alternate, then it worked.  Still have some connection issues relating rights and so forth but my newly rebuilt 2003 server with applications is working well.  Some issues with my 2000 server and XPe builds, but at least I can connect some!   Thanks again.
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