Does Lotus Notes support Single Sign-On?

Does Lotus Notes support Single Sign-On?
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mshogrenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The short answer is yes, on both Windows clients and on the web.

Windows Notes passwords may be synchronised with Windows network logins and the Notes Single Login service will pass the credentials to Notes when it starts up to avoid the user needing to enter their password again.

On the web single sign on works between multiple Domino servers and J2EE servers if they are all using the same directory.

There is a lot more information all over the net on these topics, but a good starting point is
chuang4630Author Commented:
I have an application (SharePoint) which tightly integrates with windows AD (Active Directory) for login. According to your explaination, Notes also provides the single sign on with Windows. So, would that be safe to say, whoever login to the windows, would "natually" be "mapped to" Notes credentials for login purpose?

In particular, I am going to bring iNotes into SharePoint live. and concerns about the single sign on issue.
iNotes is not the Notes client application but a web application on the Domino server.  I have seen single sign on between Domino web servers and J2EE application servers but not for Sharepoint and IIS.  However, IIS can be used as the HTTP server for Domino as described here.  That should probably get you what you want.

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Also you need to understand that the AD sync with Notes needs to be turned on.

I hope this helps !

chuang4630Author Commented:
SysExpert, I am not familier with  "AD sync with Notes ". Is this windows side job or Notes side job?
chuang4630Author Commented:
Is there anything to do with LDAP?

SysExpert was referring to Active Directory synchronization with Notes.  You can do this, either from the Notes or the Active Directory side, so that users are automatically logged in to both when they login.  This is related to LDAP, too.  

But, you can install Notes to integrate with Active Directory and use single sign-on.  I have my test network at home configured this way.
SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From the Admin help R 6.5

To set up Domino Active Directory synchronization
Install the Active Directory domain controller, the Domino server, and the Domino Administrator on separate machines to improve performance and enhance security.  However, if necessary you may install any two or all three of these on the same machine.
  1.      From a Windows 2000 Professional workstation, log into the Windows domain using a user account with administrative rights.
  2.      From the Windows 2000 Server CD, install the Windows 2000 Administration Tools Package.  From the CD, run \i386\adminpak.msi.
Note  This file is not on the Windows 2000 Professional workstation CD.  You must install the file from the Windows 2000 Server CD.  Microsoft licensing permits you to install this administrative package on Windows 2000 Professional workstations.
  3.      From the Start menu, click Programs - Administrative Tools - Active Directory Users and Computers, and verify that the workstation has connected to the domain controller.
  4.      Install, but do not run, the Domino Administrator.
  5.      Open a command prompt.  From your Notes install directory, type:
regsvr32 nadsync.dll
A message box appears indicating that registration is complete.  This can take up to one minute.
  6.      Run the Domino Administrator and complete the configuration process.
  7.      From the Domino Administrator, create an organizational policy or an explicit policy and a Registration policy settings document. You must have at least one policy to use with ADSync.
For more information about policies, see Using policies.
  8.      From the Start menu, click Programs - Administrative Tools - Active Directory Users and Computers. Click the Lotus Domino Options folder.
  9.      Right-click Domino Directory synchronization and then choose Options.
 10.      Enter your Notes password.
 11.      Click the Notes Settings tab.
 12.      Click the Notes Server for Registration button and specify a registration server.  This is typically the administration server of the Domino Directory.
 13.      Click OK.
 14.      Close and restart Active Directory Users and Computers to allow these changes to take effect.
See also
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I hope this helps !
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