Limited or No Connectivity after encryption is applied

dealing with a D-Link router works great.

The only thing is the minute encryption WPA or WEP is applied  - I get the message
limited or no connectivity ?
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Mad_JasperConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I had a problem about 1 1/2 years ago with Netgear routers when I was a field engineer. Everytime I tried to setup WEP, I would not be able to pull a DHCP address from the router. I disabled the firewall on the XP boxes and this would solve the problem. I emailed Netgear several times but never recieved a resolution. One day, the problem disappeared - most likely due to a firmware upgrade.

But, I would probably ensure that my settings are correct on my client and router.

Step 1: Try creating a connection with no encryprion. If it works, move on to step 2.

Step 2: Configure WEP on the router and client. Create an easy key like 1111111111.
- On your client, right click "Network Connections" --> choose "Properties" --> right-click the wireless connection --> choose "Properties" --> select the "Wireless Networks" tab -- > click "Add"  --> enter you SID, configure your "Open" network authentication, Data Encryption as "Wep", adn type in the correct network key "1111111111".

Now click OK a couple of times and you should be done.
You need to make sure the same encryption method is set on the wireless card and the router.

Also some cards handle encryption in different ways when it comes to password entry, best sticking with manually entered keys in hex on both the card and router.
jetsonxAuthor Commented:
Mad Jasper, Thanks a million for your post. I had the exact setup as you mentioned but WITHOUT
entering the SID. The network was set up again this time with an SID and it worked great first time!

I thought SID was just used as a sort of identifier but it is obviously more imporant.

Also to note, is that the D-Link Wizard mentions nothing about SID - they should !

Thanks to all who responded - much appreciated.
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