via raid combo driver diskette

hi the question is when i'm try to install winxp64 after the program format drives, appars on the screen a message

insert the disk labeled:

VIA RAID combo Driver Diskette

into  drive A:
Press enter when ready.

i want the solution for this, because i don't know what is that disk or how to make it

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gsra86Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
thanks but i have the solution.

The solution is:

On the driver disk you have 2 files and 1 folder  the folder is 2003x64 and the files are viamrx64 and txtsetup. them open the txtsetup file with notepad and change this:

D-x64-NT5-RAID="VIA RAID Combo Driver Diskette",\AMD64\VIAMRX64, \2003x64
D-x64-NT5-RAID="VIA RAID Combo Driver Diskette",VIAMRX64, \2003x64
after this save the file on the diskette, and that's it.

start the OS intallation and follow the normal steps press f6 when is loading the files and insert this diskette and continous the installation. when the machine ask for via raid combo driver diskette use this and continous installling.

That should be the floppy with all the drivers that came with your motherboard.  If you don't have one, try the motherboard manufacturer's website - they may have a download.
gsra86Author Commented:
the floppy that came with the motherboard doesn't work, and i download a lot of drivers, the newest and not work
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What motherboard do you have?  The right drivers are probably on their site.
Here are the XP 64 bit drivers at VIA Arena.  You will need to know your southbridge chipset.

As Callandor stated, they should be available on your mobo manufacturer's web site.  If not, can download directly from VIA.

Note, you must use XP 64 drivers and not XP drivers.

Also ensure that your floppy drive and floopy disk are good.  Try booting from floppy drive to verify it is functional.  Use a known good diskette to copy drivers.  Best method is to prepare a boot diskette, boot from it, erase, and copy drivers to that diskette.
At times when I was unable to get a driver floppy to work when trying to install XP (32 and 64bit versions) I got it to work by using nlite, a utility with which you can build an unattended installation CD for your OS. You can itegrate the drivers onto the CD using this, and you can integrate all those drivers if they are different.
gsra86Author Commented:
yes , please refund the point  thankss
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