Changing tab page and tab control without firing selectedindex event

Well that is what I am attemping. I already have an event that fires when the user manually clicks each tab page, basically executing some SQL statements depending on what tab page they are on. So what I want to do is when someone is clicking on a datagrid row it shows the particular tabpage. Well I can do that with this line of code.


The problem is the darn tab page clicker up top still shows your on the datagrid page (tabpage3) , when you are on tabpage1, the tabcontrol just does not show correctly. What I cannot do is this

Me.TabControl1.SelectedIndex = 0

If I fire that event then it issues new select statements and that will mess me up. Is there anyway to focus on the tabindex without firing that off ?

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Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
Declare yourself a boolean flag that you set to True when you want to use this statement:

    Me.TabControl1.SelectedIndex = 0

Then check the flag in your event.  If it is true, then simply reset it back to false, and exit the sub...otherwise continue with your SQL code.

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reefcrazedAuthor Commented:
You mean make it a public variable so all of the subroutines could us it. How about passing an optional boolean parameter into the subroutine, I am thinking that would work too. I am not at work right now to try it but going to on Monday.
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