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Hard Disk error: Do I need to reinstall Windows?

I am getting a hard disk error; this is it from the event log:

“An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation.”
(System is XP Pro Sp 2)

Does "D" mean it’s the D drive?  (In reality, I have my drive in two partitions, C for the OS and D for storing files.)

The error repeats itself with about 10 in a row, usually once or twice a day.

I have run Spinrite 6 and it found no errors.  The Windows installation is about 1 month old, a brand new hard drive and new system. A Samsung 250 GB SATA / 3 GBs hard drive. There appear to be no other errors in the system logs.  

The system itself is an EPOX Nvidia 4 chipset with a Sempron 64 / 2800 +.  All my data is backed up but I hate the thought of having to format the disk and reinstall Windows and all my programs.

My other thought is that it’s a permanent error and reinstalling Windows won’t make a difference.  In that case I will have to call Samsung and get the drive replaced under warranty.
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3 Solutions
boot into safe mode & run "chkdsk /r"
also use the mfg drive diagnostics on a boot cd to check the drive

these address your issue
http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;885352 (read cause & resolution - weird?)
even though the drive is new it could still be defective, which some of those support threads indicate
Rightclick My Computer, Properties, Advanced tab,
Performance area, click Settings, Advanced tab again
Virtual memory - click change.
Set to use No paging file and click set, then reboot.
After rebooting set your page file back and reboot.

this also addresses your issue

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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
A couple of thoughts that may help here:

(1)  You didn't indicate which motherboard model you have; but if the motherboard supports SATA-150 and the drive is a SATA-II drive, you may get more stable performance by installing the speed limitation jumper on the drive (restricts transfers to SATA-150 speed).   In fact, even if the system supports SATA-II, I'd give this a try to see if it helps.   The actual impact on your systems performance will be VERY nominal => you probably won't even notice it.   The reason is simple:  even SATA-150 is well above the sustained data transfer rate of the drive;  the only time any data ever transfers at interface speeds is when it's being transferred to/from the drive's buffer -- which is typically a VERY small percentage of the actual data transferred.

(2)  The error does indeed reflect an issue with the 2nd partition ("D"), so it's unlikely your system partition (C:) has any corrupted data.   Consequently, you do NOT have to reinstall the OS and your programs if you do decide to swap drives.   Just (a) make an IMAGE of your system partition (I like Boot-It NG for this; but any drive imaging program will work); and then (b) after you get the new drive just restore the partition.
danomaticAuthor Commented:
FriarTuk, I tried resetting the page file as you suggested and no luck.  

Samsung has a patch on their website because they have admitted to a problem with this drive (I give them lots of credit for admitting it.) -- The Samsung model number is SP2504C.

The patch did not work, still the error 51 after that.

garycase:  thanks good info.
The MoBo is an EPOX EP-8NPA - SLI and it supports SATA II (3 GBs), the drive is SATA II.

I will try the jumper, I can't remember if the drive came with one, is it a jumper like those that go on the old PATA drives?

So the problem is on my D partition, would it help for me to delete the partition and then restore the data?  I have Acronis TrueImage which I really like, it's reliable so I’ll make an image of C.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Yes, it's just a small jumper like you use on PATA drives (you could "steal" one from an old drive if you need one); and there's a set of pins on the drive that limits the transfers to SATA-150.   This can sometimes improve stability even if both the drive and motherboard are SATA-II devices ==> if it helps here you should get a higher quality cable (or just leave the jumper in place).

Imaging C: (and safely storing it on another drive) is certainly a good idea ==> as I noted before that makes replacing the drive very simple.

Imaging D:; deleting the partition; recreating the partition; doing a full format (so any defective areas are re-mapped); and then restoring the partition from the image is also a good idea.  It may very well resolve the problem.
there should be event log regrding this error,check out your event viewer under administrative tools and tell us the event-log id regarding this error;
as garycase do the needed system backup for to be sure that you have a stable restore point,same error is observed on many
dell pcs with windows 2000 and windows xp OSes installed on them,actually there is a problem paging the ram to the hdd , where the error causes a 'spamming' issue at the event log,dell still don get it to solve the problem.
In the future you can do the following improvements to you pc system:
do an RAID 1 with s-ata drives:
 -as you have this feature on your board:
' Four SATA II ports with support for NVIDIA RAID. RAID 0, 1, 0+1 and JBOD supported; '
-you need to buy an identical s-ata II hdd as your current one :Samsung  SP2504C,so thus you can do RAID 1 - mirrored ,which is the most secured way of RAID for storing data on harddrives;you'll do not get any improvement in the hdd performance ,but you'll get the most secured way to transferr data from/to your hdd;
sure you can do also RAID 1+0 but you'll need more two drives than for RAID 1,and this is really expensive...
furthur if you have moe then 1GB of RAM then just disable the paging option,i know many people doing this without having anykind of negative issues on their pc systems.
KNOW:if you do a full backup at this moment,just get a good imaging programe :i personally like Acronis True Image(9),then you can make only inclemental backups ,so you do not need to waist time and perfurmance for updating your backup point.

danomaticAuthor Commented:
Well, I changed the Jumper to SATA I, Tried chkdsk, tried disabling paging on D but it still happened.

I noticed that the error only occurs after the computer starts up and never after that unless I restart again and then it reappears.

garycase, I will next try the formatting of D and if that works, but i not, I think for piece of mind, I am just going to return the drive under warranty and get a new one.

mwnnj: I like the idea of RAID 0, if I get the drive replaced, I will see what they send me and then try to match it to create the raid 0.
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