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Fault Tolerance for Intranet

I think largely informational systems, such as a company’s intranet (often, but maybe not always), perhaps a system for documentation, testing or development application all do not necessarily need to be fault tolerant.  These types of applications can often sustain periods of downtime without adversely affecting a company’s productivity.  Am I wrong to assume and can you explain in more detail the pros and cons.
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what you are talking about is actually a semi-measureable thing.  The pro to fault tolerance is if a piece of hardware fails, who cares because another one is taking up the slack. The con of not having fault tolerance is of course the needed resource is no longer available.  

Now I'm not a CISSP, but I've started to read some of the literature for that certifcation and everything it says is determine the likelihood of the resource being down (and for approx. how long) and times that by the supposed cost of the resource being inaccessible for that time.  Now does the cost of making the resource fault tolerant exceed the cost of losing productivity.  If so, don't go with fault tolerance.

Example, amazon.com.  If they determine they will lose $100,000/hour their site is down (just pulling figure out of my butt) and they figure the likelihood of their site going down due to server failure, link failure, etc. is around 3% which equates to about 11 days worth of down time during the year, that means a potential loss of revenue of over $26 million.  

Figuring peoples productivity is obviously different.  If you determine there is a 3% likelihood of the resource being unavailable where people cannot do their jobs without the resource. and the total salary of those employees is around lets say $100,000/hour (obviously big company), then you can figure a potential loss of $26 million worth of loss productivity.

Mostly you're pulling numbers from your butt, but that's how I figure it.  Your decision is mostly based on does the resource being down affect someone's job.  If someone can't do their job because the Intranet site is down, or even hinders the capability of them being able to perform their job, then I'd figure it into the potential cost.

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