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temp folder access denied

after trying to install norton 2006 and the program failing to uninstall 2005 i get error messages . the ystem can not open the device or file specified . error writing temporary file make sure your temp folder is valid and unable to write to temp file access denied
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4 Solutions

Norton AV hooks run deep in a computer.  If you uninstall Norton AV 2005 up, use this utility to remove the remains. Have you tried this?

SymNRT Cleanup Utility (nonav)
sonicisopAuthor Commented:
tryied to run but activeX wont let it run and wont install when you right click and click install activeX
Sometimes it will not run because of activex issues.

Try this download link, and download the program to your desktop or folder.  Then run from there.

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Here is two manual ways to complete remove Norton.

How to uninstall Norton or Symantec Anti-Virus Program    
1. Click My Computer icon on the desktop => Control Panel (on the left-hand pane) => Add or Remove Programs.

2.  Uninstall Norton or Symantec Anti-Virus as follows:
Note: If when you install Sophos Anti-Virus on Windows XP, you encounter the problem about s32event1.dll, then
you should first remove the Windows Registry entry of s32event1 by using the Registry Editor (regedit) as follows.
 1. click Windows Start button => Run => type regedit => click OK to start the Registry Editor window
 2. click menu Edit => Find => type s32event1 => click the Find Next button
 3. when an entry is found, delete it by clicking on the entry and click the menu Edit => Delete
 4. press the key F3 to Find Next and repeat step 3-4 until no more entry s32event1 is found.
 Note: The full path of the entry should be something like
 "My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet???\Control\VirtualDeviceDrivers\s32event1"
  5. click menu File => Exit to exit the Registry Editor
Note: If problem occurs during removal of Norton/Symantec Anti-virus,
you can follow the manual uninstall procedure published on the Symantec web site.
For Microsoft Windows XP/2000:

Method Two

Generally, you remove applications by using the Windows utility for the task, but Norton Antivirus tends to get in a bit deeper into the system, so it's tricker to remove it completely. Here's how you can do that:
Make sure no Norton is running by ending it using thetask manager.

Go to Start --> Control Panel --> Add/Remove Programs.
Scroll down to your Norton program
Click Change --> Remove All.
You will be asked to restart your PC. Do so.

Now go to Start --> My Computer --> Program Files. Right click on each Symantec folder and select Delete.
While you are in Program Files go to the Common Files folder at or near the top of the Program Files window. Delete every Symantec folder there. And, again, restart your PC.

Go to Start --> Search --> All Files and Folders --> More Advanced Options. Check each option except for "Case sensitive"
Now type in Norton and delete each Norton folder from the search results (Again, right click, choose "Delete"). One more time, restart your PC.
Repeat step 5 except type Symantec in the "Search" box.

The next step is trickier: go into the Registry.

Once again, go to Start, then click on "Run". Type in "regedit"
Go to the top of the Regedit window. Click (+) next to HKEY_CURRENT_USER. Go down the thread until you see Software.

 Click on Software and scroll down the thread until you see Symantec.
 Right click on Symantec and choose "Delete".
From there go down to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and repeat step 3. Restart your PC.

Click (+) next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, now: Click (+) next to Software, Click (+) next to Microsoft, Click (+) next to Windows and Click (+) next to CurrentVersion.
Select the Run folder. Right-click and delete each Symantec entry you see (if present). Restart your PC.
That should completely eradicate Norton Antivirus from your system!

Note: Symantec offers an uninstaller for NAV (Norton Antivirus) 5.0/2000/2001/2002/2003 which they say removes Norton from your Program Files and the Registry, but commentary on various discussion boards suggests that it might not work too well.

sonicisopAuthor Commented:
tryied the SymNRT.exe got error initializing product removel engine:0x0070005. all the programs are doing the same.
seems like anything that uses the %temp% folder cant wright to it or run from it?
This is just a wild stab, but worth a try:
Go to Control Panel/User Accounts and create a new user called TestUser with admin rights.
Then restart pc and logon as TestUser.
Try and run the symnrt.exe and see if it fails.

If it still fails, you can always try and install (yes install) NAV 2005 from your original NAV cd.  See if it will install.  If it does, then see if you can uninstall NAV 2005.  Then try NAV 2006.

Yes I know terrible convoluted attempt!
sonicisopAuthor Commented:
tried both the manual uninstall and the install nav 2005
manual install i found some folders and removed them nothing under run. no effect
install nav 2005 . error during install
seems like it can copy to the temp folder but can read from it.
thanks for the help everyone getting all the ideal and advice is great!
So at this point, is NAV 2006 installed and working correctly?

(It doesn't sound like it.  Actually, it sounds like some type of spyware and/or viruses are blocking access to some Windows functions and folders.)
sonicisopAuthor Commented:
NAV copied files to the hard drive and then errored out . did not install
also noticed when i tried to do a find files the little dog from office walks on the screen but there are no options for were to search or boxes to tell it what to search for a second program roixo drag and drop ( is a cdrom burning program ) wants to install each time windows is restarted love to get ahold of mr. norton right about now. :)
sonicisop  try performing these tasks in safemode. Could prove more successful, There must be no references to Norton running.
Hang in there I am sure we'll kill it sooner or later :)
sonicisopAuthor Commented:
done for the night have to work in the morning. thanks for all the help and info will try again tomorrow night
sonicisop -- darn.  You're stopping?  You mean there's something else in life to do besides banging my head against this keyboard?


sonicisopAuthor Commented:
Hi update time .

i went into safe mode and was able to log on as admen. i ran the nonav and smytr removal program with no luck.
i did notice that under window security system it said that norton is still active as my antivirus and that a firewall program is protecting the system. if you double click on firwall under control panel it is off.

hey pgm 554 thanks for the tools but i could only get one to run the others were missing files and one needs a passward or i dont know the proper way to use them.

went into safe mode and ran a search for both norton and sym and deleted everthing i thought was symantech
ran %temp% and tried to delet the symatech log files but was unable to in use by system.
was going to try to do a repair install but the only option was the first repair screen which i was told not to use.

is there anything else i can try?
try checking the taskmanager for any running programs that are associated with what you are doing.
To delete or uninstal a program stop it from running first in the task manager.
CCleaner is a freeware system optimization and privacy tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history.

>> i went into safe mode and was able to log on as admen. i ran the nonav and smytr removal program with no luck.
i did notice that under window security system it said that norton is still active as my antivirus and that a firewall program is protecting the system. if you double click on firwall under control panel it is off.

It's normal that the system registry might still say that Norton is still active as the antivirus.  That is because it wasn't uninstalled in the normal way.  But that doesn't mean that Norton is actually installed and running.

Also, it's normal that the Windows Firewall would be off, because when installing Norton, Norton disables the Windows Firewall and enables the Norton NAV firewall.

Next, I would suggest using Windows Explorer, navigate to c:\Program Files\ and find the "Norton AntiVirus" sub-folder and delete that sub-folder.

Then run the CCleaner as Merete suggested, and then install Norton Antivirus 2006 again from your CD.

If you get an error message, please write it down and post back here.

Have you ever used the Microsoft Windows Installer CleanUp Utility?  While, it may not cleanup the Norton issues, but here if the information on it:


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