Template Class (No intellisense on functions)

template <class A>
class ClassAdd
      A ClassObject; //Store a number
      void SetNum(A COBJ); //Get a number
      A ResultAdd(A COBJ);//add stored plus new number
template <class A>
void ClassAdd<A>::SetNum(A COBJ) //Store COBJ
      ClassObject = COBJ;
template <class A>
A ClassAdd<A>::ResultAdd(A COBJ)//Add COBJ + ClassObject and return it
      return ClassObject + COBJ;
int main()
      ClassAdd<int> Add;
      cout << Add.ResultAdd(3);
      return 0;

Okay, say I have something like that.  It works fine, but when I type something like:
None of the functions appear in the dropdown.  Yet if I remove the function body, it works.

PS: The code runs fine, and I have tried deleting the intellisense files.
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AlexFMConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Intellisense support in VC++ is restricted and it is possible to write code which is not displayed by Intellisence. There is no solution for this except upgrading VC++ version or using Visual Assist.
Dariusz DziaraProgrammerCommented:
Sometimes intellisense if off when earlier in code is some error as I have noticed.
AxterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I completely agree with AlexFM.

I've been using Visual Assist for many years now, and it's well worth the cost.
You can download a trial version from the following link:

For more info, see the main page:
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List244Author Commented:
So my code is not bugged then?
No, if your code is compiled, it is OK. The problem is that C++ compiler is more smart than Intellisence. Your code is OK for compiler, but Intellisence has some problems with it.
List244Author Commented:
Alright, well I have installed Visual Assist, I will go ahead and give that a try.
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