PDA Phones architecture downfalls

It's amazing how much they can pack into these PDA/Phones.  I see them  coming with Windows 5.0 Mobile OS.  MS Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Windows Media Player and IE.

What are the downfalls with using these types of phones with regards to security from a IT prospective.

Do these types of phones have the capability of wireless and could they also be effected as easy as a laptop?

Anyone have one of these phones and experienced any problems?
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r-kConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have a PDA (Dell Axim x51v) and like it quite a bit. It has 11mbps wireless, but not a cell phone, a 640x480 display, and runs Windows Mobile 5.0 with most of the applications mentioned above.

It is probably most useful if you travel in places that have wireless networks available, but the calendar feature is very useful by itself, and the included Word and Excel make it easy to carry many useful files with you at all times.

Things I like: the ability to check e-mail anywhere there is wireless, the calendar, cointact list, file and music storage, the GPS application etc. Expandable storage via add-on CompactFlash cards.

Things it is not good at: Anything that needs a larger screen, thus you'd not want to do any extensive word processing, editing, or even web browsing on it, even a 640x480 screen is too small for that. Many web sites look a weird, esp. those that include a lot of javascript, java applets or similar enhancements. There is a rudimentary VPN client included, but it is either hard to use or I haven't figured it out. I would imagine that security is not a strong suite in Windows Mobile v5 but that could improve with future versions. The wireless range is a bit limited compared to laptops, probably because of smaller antenna size. It connects fine to WPA enabled hubs, have not tried WEP. It even includes a Remote Desktop application that let's you connect to servers and XP workstations, though plan on doing a lot of scrolling due to the small screen size.

It would have nice if it included a few more basic applications, such as a Telnet Client, an FTP client, and the ability to sync. via wireless (currently the sync. can be done only via a cable or bluetooth, and I have not got the latter to work). Hope those are coming in future versions.

Documentation is sketchy at best, and the user eperience is somewhat like the days of Windows 3.1. Installing applications is haphazard and if you're not careful you could end up losing your files. It would also be nice if one could print directly to printers shared over the network.

Overall I am pretty happy with it so far, using it mainly for the calendar, and checking email via the IMAP application.
Thanks. Do post back if you have any specific question. One thing I forgot to add, and which I use a lot, is the Notes feature. I use it to keep various notes, everything from to-do lists at work and shopping lists. Between that and the calendar I have noticed that I am much better organized than before. The size and weight are a bit borderline, but I wear pants with loose pockets and am able to carry it my pants pocket without much trouible, even with the flip-up leather cover. Battery life is adequate for most use, about 4 hours.

The ability to sync the calendar with Outlook/Exchange is very handy (but can only be done via the sync cable, not via wireless).
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