ProcessStartInfo - execute a command from windows service

I run this from dos prompt and it works

c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe /c net use \\win_xp_pro\IPC$ /user:administrator 1234

open a network connection.

I have Windows Service C# program that does the following:

string command = string.Format (@"net use \\{0}\IPC$ /user:{1} {2}", "win_xp_pro", "administrator", "1234");

ProcessStartIfo ps = new ProcessStartInfo();
ps.Filename = System.Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable ("COMSPEC");
ps.Arguments = "/C " + command;
ps.UseShellExecute = false;
ps.CreateNoWindow = true; // try both true or false
ps.RedirectStardardOutput = true;

Process process = Process.Start(ps);

int exitCode = Process.ExitCode;

It always return exit code = 2, which means File not found.

This program above work on a windows application, but I'm having trouble running as a windows service. Eventually, I want to create a batch file that establish connection, do some stuff, and close connection. I'll modify the above code to execute the batch file.

Any ideas?


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Probably the path to the NET.EXE command is not set.  To make the above work, you should specify the complete pathname.  The default location is C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\NET.EXE but remember that the C:\WINDOWS may differ from system to system.  So you should determine the proper Windows folder.  The SYSTEMROOT environment variable is one way.  Use the .NET Environment.SystemDirectory property in .NET.

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