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Network Adapter not working

I have a sony vaio FS series laptop..
I was connected to the net and suddenly the connection terminated.. and windows started showing n/w cable unplugged .. now it is not detecting if I insert any n/w cable..even b/w 2 pc's(which used to work before)

I tried reinstalling the drivers etc.. but no use.. it does not detect any kind of connection..

can this be a h/w failure.. how do i detect that cos windows does not retport nyting.. it is detecting the adapter perfectly and reporting no problems

pls help
1 Solution
Pete LongConsultantCommented:
Start > run > devmgmt.msc

locate the adaptor under network adaptors > delete it and reboot > let the OS redetect it.

if theres no change download and install the latest drivers for it.


Network Cable Unplugged

Sometimes windows will give you this error even when you know the cable isn't unplugged.

Common causes.

1. There is a fault with either the cable/Network card or the device its plugged into - check the wiring and remember there are two types of network cable (straight through and crossover.

On a straight through both ends will be wired like this http://www.petenetlive.com/Tech/Networking/networking1/RJ45/568b.htm
On a crossover one end will be wired like this http://www.petenetlive.com/Tech/Networking/networking1/RJ45/568a.htm

crossover cables are for use between coms equipment and switches/hubs (or connecting two PC's directly)
The cable from a PC to a switch or router/modem should be a straight through.

2. If all the wiring is correct the next likely cause is your NIC (Network Card) Driver, use http://www.lavalys.com/products/download.php?dlid=1&lang=en to find out what network card you have then download and install the latest drivers.

3. If you are still experiencing problems then the next most likely culprit is what's called an Auto Negotiation error, you need to manually set the Speed an Duplex of the Network Card.


Half duplex means information can only go in one direction at a time (think of CB radio only one person can talk at any one time) half duplex is the same.
Full duplex means traffic can flow in both directions at once (like a telephone call).

Control panel >network connections >on the left "show all network connections"
You should see your connection listed now (if it in cable unplugged mode there will be a little red cross on it)

Right click the icon >properties >{configure} button  >{advanced} tab on the top of the window
highlight "media type" in the list of options in the left hand window, and try Settings in the following order, (test each setting to see if it rectifies the problem - if all setting fail revert back to the first one)

100Mbps - Full Duplex
100 Mbps - Half Duplex
10 Mbps - Full Duplex
10 Mbps - Half Duplex

4. After all that, if its still complaining then make sure the Microsoft Media-Sense isn't the culprit.

How to disable Media Sense for TCP/IP in Windows
I think it's likely that your network adapter has a fault. I've certainly experienced similar problems with desktop PC's, device manager has reported no problems with the device, so I've spent hours troubleshooting network settings and trying different cables, in the end I've put a new network card in. In your case it's not so simple, network adapters in laptops are not replaceable nor can you just put in another NIC. You can obtain a USB network "dongle" for about $US20: http://www.pricewatch.com/networking/421266-1.htm which would solve your problem.
Download a copy of knoppix and boot your PC with that. If you get connectivity you know it is a software problem.

If you have a  router, that restarts, it will also show as network cable is unplugged, so best thing you can do is test your laptop somewhere else

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