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Hi X-perts,

A simple question - How long does it usually takes for Google to register backlinks to a new site? We have finished our site a month ago. Next I manged to get it indexed by Google in a week or so. Next, I started our link exchange campaign and now we have about 35-40 quality back links from the same profile sites with PR 3-5. MSN and Yahoo can see most our backlinks, but Google still does not like us, and we have no visible backlinks with G. I would expect with those links we should get at least PR 3-4, but so far it is zero, I would suspect mostly because of no back links.

Any comments? Why MSN and Yahoo are so quick comparing with G?


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desertcitiesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Google can take anywhere from weeks to months before you will see those backlinks displayed in Google.  And if your backlinks are on other sites with a lower PR value (4 or less), it could even take longer.

In addition, Google also displays only a portion of your backlinks so I often use Yahoo's link command to get a better picture of my overal links.  At Yahoo type in the following command:

Even though Google might not display all of your backlinks, it still applies your backlinks towards your overall link popularity.

Good Luck!


ShaneJonesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Google may stil be going throught some datacenter updates.

Try searchin on "google dance" to seeif there is a datacenter update.


I average about 3 months before you start to see real results in G.

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