MSDE install problems: sqlMangr.exe - Application error


I downloaded and ran the SQL2KDeskSP3a.exe file on windows 2000 professional.

I tried to setup an msde intance:
'Setup SAPWD=(Some password) INSTANCENAME="aaa" '

After i had restarted my pc after the setup, I tried to run the 'Service Manager', but I got a 'sqlMangr.exe - Application error':

          The instruction at "0x1fa00475" referenced memory at
          "0x00af00b2". The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program
          Click on CANCEL to debug the program  

I deleted and re-installed the engine but no progress. How can I solve this problem, Is there something in the registry that should be modified in order to make it work.
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This happens if the path to the sqlctr80.dll in the following registry key is greater than 50 characters.


Since the problem is in advapi32.dll which is an NT dll, the resolution here is to use shorter path for the installation.

What is the installation path you are providing while installing MSDE?
Can you try to repro this issue on another machine with the same OS build and the same path?



ANISBHAuthor Commented:
the value i get from HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSSQLServer\Performance\Library:


However I tried installing the MSDE on another machine having the same OS but with the latest SP's, I got no errors and everything worked fine. I used the same path to save the MSDE. ==> I think the problem was from the microsoft windows 2000 professional: it should have the latest SP.

thanks for your help.

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