Powercoller X850Xt Fan speed reduction??


I recently bought a Powercolor X850XT

this one to be exact


and it is one noisey beast lol when i first boot my computer it kinda revs as fast as it can before it reduces to its standard, it keeps the card nice and cool, catalyst controll center always tells me thats its never higher than 55 which is a good thing, but when im just using windows i dont think there is a need for it to spin so much

is there anyway i can change it so that it only picks up teh fan speed when im playing a game or the temp of it increased, in otherwords when it seems nessasary?

hope u can help

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I have a Radeon X850XT myself and at first used ATI Tool to control the fan: http://www.techpowerup.com/atitool/.  This should give you the solution you need (I eventually replaced the fan with a Zalman VF700-Cu heatsink and it is much quieter and still reasonable at high framerates).
Ok if there is not a software solution then you have to do your thing with hardware, I would do this if I would care about noise:
Cut the ground of the fan and atach two cables with a lenght of about 40 cm on each end, buy an ON/OFF switch and sold the cables to the switch terminals, that`s all when you play game  turn your switch on ,otherwise leave it off don`t worry it wont burn.
TomGreen001Author Commented:
I was thinkin more of a software solution if there is one?
I think that kind of soft ( if exists ) should be come from the Hardware Maker because the voltage given to the fan comes from the video card not from the MoBo.
I think I answered this one with a working solution for the same card.
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