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When I use a functon or sub in that has been proffesionaly compiled in a class I get a desctiption while using intelisence.

How do you do this????

I know how to code and compile classes, but would really like to be able to put descriptions on my methods and functions.

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Carl TawnConnect With a Mentor Systems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
I think what you are referring to is XML documentation. This is available in C# and VB.Net (as of version 2), and can be used to document classes, methods, etc.

Commenting in VB looks something like:

   ''' <summary>
   ''' Class representing a human being
   ''' </summary>
   ''' <remarks></remarks>
   Public Class Person
       ''' <summary>
       ''' Does something to a person
       ''' </summary>
       ''' <remarks></remarks>
       Public Sub DoSomething()
       End Sub
   End Class

The summary will be show by IntelliSense and, aditionally, XML commenting can be used to create CHM documents that fully document you objects.

A better explanation of the available documenting tags can be found here:
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