Finding records. Broken???

I have two tables.

One is the main table and the other is a relation ship to another table containing systems.

There are two fields of interest in the systems table "System" and "Type"

There is a value list built from all the Systems where you can selects one of those systems from the systems field in the main table.

You could also bypass the list and type in your own if it isn't in the list.

I put the "Type" field in the main layout for autopopulation and there are four types.. lets say A,B,C,and D (but if its a custom entry, nothing with be displayed)

The thing thats causing a big problem and I dont know if it just started or not.  But I cant pull a find of all As,Bs, and Ds but Cs will work.

All the types show up at least 10 times in the main table so the entrys are there.  But why isn't it finding anything?!?  This is gonna really screw me up. =(
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lesouefConnect With a Mentor Commented:
weird, probably a silly error, the kind you see 10 times without noticing it, like a trailing space in the type field
do we have a chance to look at the file? because I think it is a simple design mistake.
CruizectrlAuthor Commented:
Your right lesouef,  I was hitting myself after this.

The related systems field which I have the relationship with in the main layout was set for "number".  Everything appeared normal in relationship, list, and the linked field which I was trying to perform the search in.  The strange thing is,  I was able to to find, for example, CT and not MR.

yes, but the logic is tricky (I don't know if this is till true with fm8), it uses the ascii codes of characters in this case, so it may work in some situations, though the result is of course unexpected...
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