Exchange 2003 Setup on a Qwest DSL Network


I could not figure out the difficulty level for point sake so I have set it up at an easy level thinking that this information may be very basic information for experts like yourself.

Could somebody please help and let me know what kind of setup I would need to have a Web Server and an exchange server 2003 installed for a small non-profit organization.

They have Qwest Non-Business DSL with not Static IP addresses.
ActionTec DSL Wireless modem supplied by Qwest.
A windows 2003 DHCP Server
A windows 2003 Active Directory with 2 Domain Controllers.
Windows XP clients
They have purchased Exchange 2003 Server
A hosted website with .org domain. They would like to get rid of this hosted site and set it up on their own web server so they dont have to make a monthly payment.

Almost everything comes from charities so they really are not in a position to pay a high recurring monthly charge which is associated with a hosted exchange server or other services.

I have heard about DynDNS and other dynamic DNS websites. Would they have to route all of their DOMAIN.ORG traffic using these kind of services since there External Qwest IP Address may change. It has not changed in the last 2 years.

A few local businesses are willing to give their old switches or routers if needed.

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wingateslConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just set their MX record to point to  the Dynamic Dns name. I would never try this if the IP address changes regularly. that covers the email portion.  for the web, you  use  the redirection provided by most registrars to  point to the Dynamic name.  there could be a lapse in service if their address changes.  That being Said. I would definably invest in a static IP
SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would strongly advise against trying to host the web site internally. I gave up on doing that years ago. It introduces a security issue that they just need to deal with. The web host market is very competitive, and they should be able to find a good cheap host who can host the site for very little outlay.
Plus a DSL line isn't really fast enough to host a web site on. Remember that a web site is uploading traffic, and most DSL lines have a higher download speed than an upload speed.
Cutting off the web hosting to save a few dollars a month is a false economy.

As for the dynamic IP address, that will cause a problem. You will need to use a dynamic DNS service for email delivery in to your server. For outbound delivery they will have to use an SMTP Connector to send via the ISPs SMTP server. Many sites will not accept email delivery from servers on a dynamic IP address.

I have a guide to the SMTP Connector here:
And a guide to using Exchange on a dynamic IP address here:

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