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DHCP appliance coexisting with Windows 2003 Server and Active Directory

I have a client who has a 2003 AD environment and his server is giving out DHCP.  I would like to enable a second DHCP server on his network (from a router, etc.) so that in the event of a server outage, the client can still get IP, gateway, etc. ti give minimal networking ability.
The problem is that the windows server detects the  DHCP server on the network, and shuts down its own DHCP service.  How can I get the two DHCP servers to play nice with each other so taht i can have a little bit of redundancy?

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
If your network is that small, why not go static?
If windows sees another DHCP server out there, it will shut down the DHCP server service. Nice, huh.

However, you can run two DHCP servers on a network if they are both running on windows and authorized in active directory. This would require a second windows server, but it is possible.

As leew said, going with statics will work great while your server is down. For most customers, if their server is offline, the world has ended for them, so no Internet access isn't a big deal to them anymore.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Besides, when the DHCP server fails, your clients don't instantly lose their IP Addresses.  DHCP renews leases half-way into them.  So if you set a lease of 1 day, the lease is renewed every 12 hours.  If the DHCP server goes down, you'll have at least 12 hours to get it up again before the clients know anything is wrong.  Unless you reboot them or do a release.

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to answer your question, check out http://www.windowsdevcenter.com/pub/a/windows/2004/04/13/DHCP_Server.html

I Agree with llefebure  on this one, just get a second server out there which has DHCP installed.. Do make sure to give this server another DHCP scope, else both servers will be dealing out the same IP addresses, and then thing will get messy. Do keep in mind Microsoft has some "hidden features"...
Digital_SkreamAuthor Commented:
Accepted llefebure's answer.

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