How to make a registry file to start in startup ( safe mode )

Dear experts...

I want to make to my project to start in the startup of the safe mode .. pls tell me if is possible and if is paste the source thankss
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Yeah, safe mode is not really meant for launching programs.  It is meant to be safe, so that you can modify
things that normally would be blocked.  Or stop programs which would normally run.

"Many times in order to remove a piece of spyware or for troubleshooting and diagnostic purposes, you'll have to start Windows in Safe Mode. While in Safe Mode, only specific programs and files needed to run the operating system are loaded. Some functions, such as connecting to the Internet, will not be active in Safe Mode and a standard video driver will be loaded causing a washed out look and a possible change in resolution.

However, because just the essential programs and files are loaded in Safe Mode, this allows us to remove some spyware, adware, viruses and such that cannot be removed in Normal Mode. Follow the instructions below to Start Safe Mode for your specific version of Windows...." -
i think if you run safe mode you cant run any execution in start up
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