ide hard drive/compact flash/USB drives interface using verilog

does anyone know anywhere i can find VERILOG source which i can use to interface either "ide hard drive" or "compact flash" or "SD cards" or "USB drives"  (whichever easiest) to an FPGA pins?

what i want is some kind of storage to interface with my FPGA. I'm not too familiar with NTFS or FAT32 file system (willing to learn) and i just need some kind of storage for my device. can someone recommend?
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from  you can download the full Verilog program of an IDE controller.

and here is some useful information regarding the logic of the interface.

here are the specs for FAT32:

this guy did an interface with an 8051 to a harddrive and all the code is there. 

you'll need something like this to make an universal CF/IDE solution.

more information from PJRC this is a great guide.
I gave a full and complete answer... Gave him all the resources..

He wanted a Verilog solution.. well this is very extensive program I gave him all the resources.
sutejokAuthor Commented:
there you go.
sorry i was out of town for a while for an emergency matter.
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