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recommended router?


Can someone recommend a good 10/100 eithernet to 10/100 eithernet router (maybe from the Cisco range) for a small to medium business?  I need to buy fast and don’t have the time to trial any number of products.

Many thanks
3 Solutions
Gonna need more information from you.
Budget? Security requirements (IPSEC?)?
Most likely recommendation would be 2811 http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps5881/index.html
You could go down to the 2801. It also has dual 10/100 Ethernet ports but the CPU is smaller.
Or you could go up to the 2851 if you need more horsepower or want to add DS3 lines or anything.
Both models come in Security bundles, voice bundles, or plain.

If you want integrated wireless, you might look at the 1800

The venerable 2600 series workhorse routers have been end-of-lifed and won't be around much longer.
Replaced by the 2800 series.
Same with the 1700 series, replaced by 1800..

If you're on a tight budget (and maybe you're not if you're looking for Cisco) we've used Draytek kit for a long time.  The most popular models are not firewalls, just NAT routers - but there are integrated wireless versions, support 32 lan-lan VPN tunnels and around the same number of VPN dial-in users and there web interface is EXTREMELY simple to learn.  The new 3300 has a firewall but they've been delayed time and time again in the UK and I haven't tried one.

We've moving up to Jupiter Netscreens now and although a lot more expensive, they include a firewall with deep inspection and there subscriptions available for anti-virus, comprehensive web filtering (by Surf Control) and anti-spam, too.

We also considered the Fortigate kit (made by people who split away from Netscreen) but again, were unable to obtain one due to 'supply issues'.

Good luck


The cisco 1811 might be a good one for you. The 1800 series is fairly inexpensive (compared to the rest of their products) The 1811 has 2 10/100 ethernet ports & built in wireless (price a little under $900).

The 2801 & 2811 would be a step up from that and are allot more upgradable. Price of these 2 are closer to $2000
The 2800 series is what I would recomend.
windyladAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comments everyone.  lrmoore gets most points because he got in there first with the answer I was looking for.  I'll be going with Cisco, probably the 1811.


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