nVidia Quattro FX vs. GeForce - Comparison?

Yes I know they are designed for two different sections of the 3D Marketplace but IF I was looking at a desktop with an FX1400 to game with what sort of performance could I see compared with say a GeForce 6800GT?

Are they really so different that I should avoid using it on a games box?

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tmj883Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The GForce 6800GT will crush the FX1400 in gaming performance. With 16 pipelines at 350mHz and 1000mHz 256bit memory it is about twice as powerful as the FX1400 with 8 pipelines at 350mHz and 600mHz 256bit memory.
The FX1400 also cost 'bout twice as much...
If you want CAD/CAM performance...use the FX.
If you want gaming...get the GT.
Mohammed HamadaConnect With a Mentor Senior IT ConsultantCommented:
I agree with TMJ, The GT chipset is designed to work with 3d gaming as the following link shows... features by the GT are indexed below..

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Thanks, confirms what I thought, friend at work was being offered this as part of a "Games Machine" & I think it was being pushed as " look a graphics card that separately would cost you 2-3 times that of a 6800GT" with the implication clearly being that it would automatically be 2-3 times faster.  I don't think the purchaser has any plans to start using CAD & I was trying to find a direct comparison between the cards.  What you have posted will do fine.  Perhaps they might listen to me next time ...

M :o)
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