How to uninstall McAffee (by force, if necessary)

I have installed MC Afee Internet Security and now want to unistall it, but cannot. When I go to Add/Remove Programs I find the McAffee program listed as "McAffee Unistall Wizard". CLicking there I get the following message:
"The istallation cannot continue because some components ( c:progr~1\\agent\unistall\masrem.ui )are missing"

I have tried to install the program again using the McAffee cd I have - but same, same.

What's going on ? what to do to clear out Mc Affee completely from my computer ?

Grateful for Help !

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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Greetings, herbalifeexpert !

McAfee may be running in the background when you are trying to uninstall it. Disable it - Use MSCONFIG to prevent McAfee from starting up when you boot up. Reboot and try uninstalling then.

Follow these instructions for uninstalling McAfee Security Center

Best wishes!
I haven't used McAfee for a few years, but it sounds like you are trying to do a slightly wrong thing. As you describe it, you are using Add/Remove Programs to try to remove McAfee's "Uninstall Wizard" from your computer. You don't want to do that--you need that program! This Uninstall Wizard is the very program designed to remove McAfee stuff from your computer, and hopefully, the last thing it will do is remove itself. Don't get rid of it--run it.
Find wherever it is, probably tucked away somewhere in the Program Files folder, or there could be a shortcut in the Start menu under Start -> All Programs -> McAfee, or some such thing as that. Then just run it.
herbalifeexpertAuthor Commented:

Problem  resolved !
Followed the  instructions in the link previously given by "war1" (You have to remove references to McAfee Security Center last and clean up the registry

Thanks "war1" , and thanks you others whogave your suggestions.

All the best !

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