Esablishing a wireless connection for two homes half a mile away from each other

I have two homes that are half a mile away from each other.   The only broadband available at Home B is a 1.5/386 DSL connection, while Home A has a 30Mbps cable connection.  

How feasible is it to setup antennas on the roofs of these two homes so that Home B can take advantage of Home A's connection, and what would the likely result of the performance be?

There are also two 5 story builds that seem they might be in the way.

Here's an image:

The two buildings with red dots are 5 stories tall, while everything else is about 2 stories. Home's A and B are marked respectively.

The specific questions are:

Does it look like it would even work?

What kind of results would I likely see (speed, etc.)?

What would be the estimated cost of the hardware necessary?

Is this legal in a residential area in NY?

Thanks for the help and any suggestions.

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pricklyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As far as I understand it they type of Wireless bridge that you are proposing requires 'line of sight' - which does not look promising from the photo that you supplied (those two buildings look like they are right in the way actually). So my hunch is that it is not going to work based on that alone.
My other hunch is that it is expensive - certainly in comparison to what you are paying for Cable and DSL in your homes.
This was the first link that i found - - this is for a 108Mbps Wireless link " 108 Mbps! Complete Wireless Bridge; connects two buildings up to 2.5 miles apart with this wireless bridge" but it costs $499.99!
I am not sure about NY regulations I am afraid - but this is stipulated on the above link "Keep antennas below roof line" so I think in a residential area this is also going to make line of sight difficult as i can also see plenty of treesin the photo that you supplied.
I hope that this information helps. I don't think that setting up a wireless bridge is an easy project to undertake.
swiftnyAuthor Commented:
Thanks, that's all the info I need, this project is a no go.   The price tag isn't so bad, but I suppose there's no reasonable way to get around the Line of Sight issue.  

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