In win2k how do you tell if cryptographic services are running.


I have been trying to download the latest directx.

When I come to the install I get an error that cryptographic services may not be running or a cab file may not be correct.

I have checked the solutions offered in the search and have tried 5 of the soultions so far but none seem to make any difference.8-((

To start with I'd like to know how to check if cryptographic services are actually running under win2k as it doesn't show in the task manager.



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two methods:

click Start - Run , type
and press enter , look for he service 'cryptographic services'.

click Start - Run , type
and press enter , at the dos-prompt type
net start
and press enter , this will show you a list of running services , you can scroll up.

Hope this helps!
ZuxoAuthor Commented:

Thanks for that, it certainly proves that the cryptograhic service is not running.8-((

I'll have to try the remaining methods to get it to start.

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