Linux on an iMac DV 400


I am fairly new to linux, but I am trying to get mandriva 2005 le running on an imac dv Model # M5521 and have been having a heck of a time with it. I can get it to install and boot fine every time until it wants to run x. When I finally did get X working, neither kde or gnome would load properly... my question is two-fold:

has anyone successfully got mandriva 2005 le running on this model? If so, please post your xorg.conf (I am not 100% sure of mine yet)

What is the best distro for this particular model in your opinion?

I am in the process of downloading debian since there seems to be more people asking questions about ppc debian online than any other ppc distro.

I am trying to convert 80 imacs of varying revisions to linux for the elementary school I work at. Any links to good resources for getting linux running on imac g3's would be greatly appreciated by these poor students who have to use mac os 8.6 *shudders*

thanks in advance

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ridConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ubuntu also has a PPC version. I installed on a PowerBook G3 with good results, should work OK on an iMac too, I suspect.
m1tk4Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I would really stick to a linux distro that specifically targets Mac platform - Yellow Dog:

Functionally and structurally it's very close to mandriva (RPM, etc.) but I've found it to be much more easy to get running on an old Mac. I tried it on an ancient G3 iMac, one of the first made.
jkorzAuthor Commented:
Yellow dog install failed about half way through on 3 different imacs (all diff rev's). Kubuntu has been the best so far, it worked on the imac dv and the 233 (although the 233 could only go 5xx X 3xx resolution... apparently there is a fix for it though. On the imac dv, it won't let me enable eth0, but that is for another thread.

I am working on installing regular ubuntu on the 233, I am guessing it will work since kubuntu did, but I guess we will see.

For the iMac dv 400:

Mandriva :-(
YDL :-(
Kubuntu :-D
Ubunu... tbd

Thanks for your help.
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