Queue file operations?

Just my curiosity hence the low points. (2x50)

Is it possible to start a number of big copy / move operations and queue them?

Sometimes when I copy/move 2 big files simultaniously, the time more than doubles. Because of both tasks working in different areas of the drive (I assume).

Now if the OS would first do the 1st file and then the next the whole thing would be a lot faster.
Is there some way to make the OS do this other then just wait myself for the first task to finish and then start the next myself?

Is this possible in winxp, 2000? (3rd party software maybe?)
Does Linux/Unix or any OS have options for this?
Would scsi solve this problem?

Same Q in OS:
Only post in 1 Q please.
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Nicolaan, I did find these, may show some ideas for you to mull over. :)

Move or copy files in queue, queuing file operations

xplorer² Quick Start Guide

Secure Copy is a file transfer tool that enables you to do local and network transfer with resume support.
All windows

Q: What is the best way to move a directory tree (or filesystem AKA partition) between physical drives?


Yes, when copying more than one item if selected at different times the system has to jump to both locations at the same time, and as it can not do this it jumps from one to the other untill one job is complete then settles down and completes the other job.

If all items are in one location then just select all the items before you start, if in different locations I do not think it is possible without extra software. I could be wrong though but I don't think it can be done.
rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use a utility like robocopy (part of the resourcekit tools) and batch the copy jobs inside (for xp, 2k). You could of course just create batch files with the command line copy command. Linux allows you to make scripts where the copy jobs would be done one after the other.

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NicoLaanAuthor Commented:
Looks like good info so far.
Installing the software and looking into them right now.
I'd heard about Robocopy but didn't know it could do this.
Batch files, yeah, it would work... But that way I can't easily drag and drop...

Just thinking about batch files myself now instead of asking....
How about select a file, righ click, start batch file to create a copy/move script with this file as source, select folder, right click, add this folder as destination to the copy/move script and start the script, add more files and folders to extend the script.
Might give that a try as well if I can make that. So no need to install anything extra when I'd do a clean windows install again.

The Linux link I may give a better read when/if I install Linux.
Would be nice to find out if anything above helped but some people just don't bother saying.
NicoLaanAuthor Commented:
It's been in the back of my mind it's just I've been occupied elsewhere for a while.
Sorry about that.
I'll split the points now, just didn't fully get to checking the tools yet.
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