Rendering / exporting After Effects project

I'm a beginner with After Effects, have created a project and would like to export my movie now.  On previous versions of my project, I have been able to export the entire "clip", but now when I try to export or render, it only puts out one frame.

I must have pushed the wrong button somewhere - anyone know what that button was?
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are exporting as a set of images or quicktime video or what?
Ben McNellyCommented:
you need to "add to render que"

Opening the reder que dialog will allow you to select the output save destination as well as format.
jjshabadooAuthor Commented:
The problem was happening when I export or render, as my question mentioned.

I'vew been able to work around it by placing the composition I want to render in a new composition and then rendering that.  But still would love to know what I could have done to make it only want to do one frame from the original composition.
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