Freeze During post (pci device listing, keyboard stop function)

i have an mainboard asus a7pro acpi, amd duron 1000Mhz, 2x256mb pc 133, radeon 9600se 128mb, WD 80HD, memorex cdrw. im trying to install XP pro on the hard drive.  i can see the floppy disk, cd, hd in the cmos but when the system boot and it freeze at the PCI Device Listing screen. can anyone help?
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NetTechDudeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try removing (unplugging)  the hd, if unsure.
The winxp setup should work or there is a problem with your cd drive.
Of yourse, the win xp setup will then not detect a hd and fail, but you can test your cd drive this way.

Is your winxp cd clean and free of scratches ?
Really at the PCI device listing ?
Can't that be the boot sector where your pc tries to boot but gets nothing.
Is your bios set to boot from CD first ?
Is your WinXP CD insterted when booting ?
If so: does the CD drive seek on the CD for a boot record (lighted or blinking "status" led on cd drive) ?
Try setting BIOS to default settings save and reboot.then make sure that firts boot device is CD
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wh0amiAuthor Commented:
cmos setup:
1st boot: cd-rom
2nd boot: hd (wd 80hd)

i've tried replaced with new cd drive, the os cd is clean&no scratches, did unplugged the hd, NO BLINKING LED ON CD DRIVE (both of the cd drives).
when the system stop at pci device listing, the keyboard also does not work.
wh0amiAuthor Commented:
i also reset the cmos to default, and still same problem.
Ok, it really might be a halt during post screen - that does usually not happen :( But I don't think that I need to tell you that.

Have you done any overclocking ever ? I hope not.

There is a pletora of possible reasons, most of which nobody will ever think of.

Try ripping the computer down to the bone:
mainboard, cpu, ram (only 1 stick, try both sticks separately), graphics card.
Boots until it says "No boot record found." ?

When you dismantled the computer, check for bad caps , a common source of trouble,
especially witth older computers. In that case it is most likely cost-effective to swap the mainboard.

Then add components piece by piece. CD first and try again.
If it doesn't want to boot from the cd, try another CD drive and (seldom but happens too) another data cable for the CD
then go on: the other ram stick, floppy, hd.

Do you have parts available for exchange ? Try excahging graphics card, power supply, and ram for known working ones.
If still no success, try exchanging cpu and/or mainboard. But at this point you'd be close to buying a new computer :(
Replace the CMOS battery. This board is old enough that it is likely that battery is spent.
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