creating a fat32 partition using win xp home

Hi All ... I have an external USB hard drive and I need to create a FAT32 partiton ... is there an easy program to let me do this with xp home? I need to use fat32 to use this drive with the occassional win 98 machine .... Also is it possible to use this drive on a mac if it's fat32?
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When formatting, you can set the FS to be fat32, can't you.
But the maximum filesystem size is limited to 32GB
If you want your fat32 partition to be larger, you should try the GParted LiveCD
This thing let's you make bigger partitions and formats them readily with fat32.
It isn't so that winXP can't read large fat32 partitions, it just refuses to create/format them
stefanomarcoAuthor Commented:
thanks ... is there a simple windows based program to create fat32 partitions?
i've created the above boot disk but am a little hesitant to run it on my laptop as it contains all my crucial data(is it pretty easy to use?) ... the usb drive is 40gb ...
Start->settings->control pannel(classic view)->administration(sp?) tools->computer management

in computer mangement

Storage-> Disk Management.

after that you should see all the HDDS in your system

look a little below it where all the "big bars" are, find your external HDD right click on it and the option to format it should be there(it has been awhile for me since i did it)

anyway this is where you go if you want to partition your new HDD
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stefanomarcoAuthor Commented:
thanks ... but there isn't a fat32 option ... only ntfs :(
stefanomarcoAuthor Commented:
i used the gparted live cd on another computer ... all done/works perfectly ... thanks net tech dude :) and thank you all ...
@Diane: But winxp will refuse to format bigger partitions with fat32 - so GParted is the way to go.

Glad to help. It's good to know that you had no problems using it. :)
I just got to know GParted a few weeks ago when I resized a working windows xp's C: psrtition with it and created Linux and fat32 partitions in the free space. Know what ? Windows even booted after finishing the resize operation and didn't complain about it's C: disk shrinking except for running checkdisc during boot.
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