Windows - MAC share

Can someone provide some example or solution to the following scenario:

Windows 2003 Terminal Server --------------------------------------->map drive--------------------->MAC server share.

I need to somehow map a drive from a Windows Terminal Server to a Macintosh Server share.  How can this be accomplished?

Thanks in advance.
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You can just right click on the My Computer either on your Desktop or Your Windows Explorer and Select Map Network Drive

Choose ANy Drive or accept the Default and key in the Folder box

Where ip address is your Mac Server IP address...
Enter the folder that is being shared out from the MacServer

or Alternatively you Can click Browse, and look for the MacServer (SMB name) on the Entire Network >Microsoft Windows Networks > 
Depending if you set any domain or workgroup name, you should see the macserver name.


What version of MAC OS is hosting the share?  Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server support SMB sharing via Samba.

BCCSupportAuthor Commented:
I have to ask the client.  I think Mac OS X Server.  Can you please send me a link or something to how to setup the samba share on the Mac OS x Server?

This is an existing share.  Can I just map a drive from the Windows server?  Is it that easy?

You can refer here how to do the Samba setup on your Mac OSX Server
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