Can you export the Lotus Notes contacts/address book to Microsoft excel?

Can you export the Lotus Notes contacts/address book to Microsoft excel?

When you export, can you pick and choose what to choose?
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cezarFConnect With a Mentor Commented:

1. write a lotus script program to export selected person docs. or...
chuang4630Author Commented:
your're welcome. :)
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freednerdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Though I am sure writing a script may be more "editable", the built in Lotus Notes export feature will normally do the job.  If you use it though, you will want to export the type as Lotus-1-2-3 so it will be easier to format.. Just a suggestion if you were looking for an "easy way out". :-)
chuang4630Author Commented:

I am involved in integrating the SharePoint Portal with Lotus Notes.
I've never had a problem exporting to Lotus 1-2-3.

You can always open the exported file directly in Excel anyway.
The only thing that is usually missing is the gridlines, but this takes a couple of seconds to format.

Much easier than writing a script.

>>When you export, can you pick and choose what to choose?

Of course the export will export the entire view. You can then easily move/delete columns
as necessary in the Excel document
Ok, do the export to Lotus 1-2-3, but in the filename, make it a .wk1 extension, this way you get the grids and you don't get all the funny end of line characters.  If you do get the funny end of line characters when you open in Excel, then change the extension to .wk4 when you export.  (I never remember which is the right one, until I've opend the file in excel and said, well gosh, darn, wrong extension)

The  only limitation for the 1-2-3 export is 8000 rows.  You can also build a view or folder so that you get the fields in the right order when you export.  Also, if you name the columns in your designed view the same as the fields you are exporting to, it's a lot easier.

For instance, firstname, middleinitial, lastname, fullname is Notes fields.  But sharepoint might have;  first, middle, last.

So, when  you create the column, make the column titles: first, middle, last.

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