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iManager problem. 404 - URL /eMFrame/iManager.html was not found on this server


I'm hoping someone can help me here.

A few months ago, we suffered a fairly major server failure (read: file system totally trashed - rebuild from scratch) and since that time we've been unable to get iManager working on our primary production server. Going to the url (names and IPs changed slightly to protect privacy):
https://thor.ourserver.com:2200/eMFrame/iManager.html returns a 404 page.
Not Found
The requested URL /eMFrame/iManager.html was not found on this server.

A bit of background. We run 2 x Netware 6sp4 servers (Thor-production, Apollo-administration), both with iManager 1.2.2. They're both legacy installations - meaning they're the end result of years of upgrading. So there's a lot of 'left over' bits of configured software that may be messing things up. GW would probably be one such offender. Most of the standard management URLs used to show a GW login page till I got that fixed.

Troubleshooting - step by step:
https://thor.ourserver.com returns the Netware Remote Manager
https://thor.ourserver.com:2200/ returns the Welcome to Netware 6 page with links to iManager at:
https://thor.ourserver.com:2200/eMFrame/iManager.html which returns the afore mentioned 404 error

for comparison purposes...

https://apollo.ourserver.com returns the returns the Welcome to Netware 6 page.
https://apollo.ourserver.com:2200/ returns the Netware Web Manager page with links to 3 services: eDirectory, Remote Manager and iManager. iManager being at:
https://apollo.ourserver.com:2200/eMFrame/iManager.html which returns the iManager login page and iManager.

Both servers have nearly identical adminserv.conf files (identical lines. addresses and domains change of course)
Both have the iManager include lines (addresses different of course):
    Redirect /iManager/
    Redirect /iManager
    Include "SYS:/webapps/eMFrame/WEB-INF/eMFrame-apache.conf"

Both have the file iManager.html at SYS:\webapps\eMFrame (NOTE: iManager.html - not iManage.html; which also exists.)

Apache (nvxadmup) and Tomcat33 are both running

Of interest is the Apache error log file which shows the line:
[Tue Mar 28 08:35:44 2006] [error] [client] File does not exist: sys:/apache/nwdocs/emframe/iManager.html
which implies that the alias in eMFrame-apache.conf is not working.
The file iManager.html DOES exist, but not at SYS:/apache/nwdocs/emframe/iManager.html It is found at SYS:/webapps/eMFrame/iManager.html

Any suggestions?
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1 Solution
Why don't you download the latest version of iManager and try installing it from scratch ?
ppofandtAuthor Commented:
Because the latest version is just for netware6.5
The latest version for netware 6 requires an upgrade to apache and tomcat that killed my Groupwise webmail &
A reinstall of the same product also caused quite a few problems... the nature of which I can't quite remember right now. Sufice to say, I did try. There's a very nice TID on re-installing web services (including iManager) that I followed - but still didn't help.

Additionally, before anyone suggestes it, I also tried iManager mobile running locally, but while it does most of the things I need iManager for, it doesn't do iPrint management - the one thing I really need iManager for :(

bummer.   Likewise, I found the iPrint Mobile / iPrint issue.  Personally I think iManager is the biggest joke Novell have ever come up with.  Dunno about you, but i've never sat here and thought "hmmm web based management would be cool !".   Ok, that's a bit of an over statement, but web based as the ONLY option is pure madness  (which is the way Novell are heading - take iPrint as one example - ConsoleOne will eventually be phased out).

Unfortunately I've never run up iManager on NW 6.0 so can't really offer any help.   Considering NW 6.0 is old, is in-place upgrading to NW 6.5 an option?  It's a really simple straight forward process - done it many times, if there's no major issues it takes an hour.

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If you can still find it, I'd recommend updating to at least iManager 1.5.  I'm surprised you're still on 1.22 with NW6SP4.  I've got NW6SP5, and have updated mine to iManager 2.02.

Since support has ended for NetWare 6.0, all downloads for versions of iManager prior to 2.5 have been removed from the Novell website, much to my chagrin.  I wonder if any NetWare Administrator-supported sites have some of these older updates available...

Sometimes, when Novell pulls a download, you can still find it elsewhere.

Now, if you do upgrade to NetWare 6.5/OES, make sure to download and burn the iso's that include SP5, and use those for your install.  Also, be careful to verify the system requirements prior to doing an in-place upgrade; more often than not, I've found it preferable to do an across-the-wire migration to a properly-configured server.  Good excuse to upgrade your hardware, besides. ;)
Do you by chance have a backup of your server prior to the crash, that you might be able to restore: 1) the sys:\apache folder, 2) the sys:\tomcat folder 3, the sys:\webapps folder and 4) the sys:\novonyx folder?  If you answer something like: "<gasp> - a backup?  me? What for?" then you've got bigger problems. :-P

By the way, IIRC there are links somewhere along the line to the novonyx\suitespot folders, with the old iManager versions - even though you're using Apache and not Novonyx - so that may be where things are breaking down for you.
ppofandtAuthor Commented:
While we do have regular backups, we don't keep them for very long... not all of them anyway. Tapes from the end-of-month are the only ones that are kept permenantly (friday1-friday5 are kept for 4 weeks, mon-thu are kept for a week).

To complicate things, some time before these troubles occurred, we had replaced our tape drive with a higher capacity tape (replace DAT/DDS4 with LTO1). So, while we do have backups from some time back, we'd have to locate a suitable tape drive, install it etc.

With the amount of work involved in that, we'd b better off upgrading to NW6.5 - a task we're planning on doing in any event later this year.

I do also have a working copy of iManager - on our secondary box. I'd considered copying them across but there's a lot entries in them that are customised to the server thier running on. Would it be safe do you recon?

>I'm surprised you're still on 1.22 with NW6SP4
My mistake. I meant NW6 sp5 :)

I'd say that for the most part you'd be safe copying iManager over, as well as the other parts (tomcat, webapps, novonyx) - you just will have to search through and replace the instances of the other server's IP address/url with this server's.  Use Win2K for the search if you can, 'cause XP's search is crippled and will miss half the stuff.

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