500pts: OOP book for c#?

Hi there,

If anybody has any advice for a Object Oriented Programming book for use with C# (preferebly) i would really appreciate it..

I have been developing c# apps for a while now but i would really like to get a book that goes deep into application design using OOP. Of course i have been using OOP in c# but i don't think i really using it to its full potential.

For example, my inheritance a very few and far between etc.... I don't seem to be inheriting that much and i sure there are more times when i could be using inheritance (and other OOP stuff) more often.

I have quite a few books on C# (wrox), and other technologies but nothing oop specific.

I tried searching amazon but all i could find was OOP that wasn't specific to C# or it was quite an old book.

There are lots for VB.NET ....

Any ideas or advice would really be appreciated

Thanks in advance

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PoeticAudioConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you understand the basics of OOP (but not necessarily how to model OO objects really well), then I would recommend dipping into design patterns a little bit. The book Head First Design Patterns really helped open my eyes on how to develop OO software, at least it will give you some really good ideas, and help you think in OO ways.

I liked Head First Design Patterns because it's a really fun read, not techie at all really, and I learned quite a bit from it... it really made a few dim lightbulbs shine!


Have a look at this, see if it's what you're after:

honestly your not going to find many good OOP C# books.  The best and bulk of OOP books your going to find are likely written in C++.
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