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Hi there,

I want to be able to create a view filter on a web application and display the result in another result view so that I am able to print that result view.

For example,

I currently have a view which stores the locations and product and their quantities.
I am want to be able to search for a specific product range, for example, all product that start with 1234 to product that start 6789, the results of this search should be displayed in another view(not sure if it can be a dialog box as it is a web app) and then I should have a print button in that view for the ability to print those results.

Now, is this dowable and how?

Thank you in advance.

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madheeswarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
let me rephrase what I said before.

U want to search on some fields. And u have multiple views to search on.
First create $$SearchTemplateDefault. This form will display all the Search results.

Check below links for sample db's:

Create a $$Searchviewtemplate form. once you search on anything, it makes use of this form to display. U can have a print button and Java Script will be:

Check notes help for more info on Search form and the above form.
varvouraAuthor Commented:
Do I have to add anything on the form, or just embed the view that I need to return
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From Designer Help:
Customizing Web SearchView results
To customize the Web Search Results page for SearchView:
  1.      Create a form and assign it one of the form names shown in the following table.
Form name                  Field required                       Comments
$$SearchTemplate for viewname       $$ViewBody      Associates the form with a specific view. Domino requires the     $$ViewBody field, but ignores the value. The form name includes viewname, the alias for the view, or, when no alias exists, the name of the view. For example, the form named "$$SearchTemplate for All Documents" associates the form with the All Documents view.

$$SearchTemplateDefault      $$ViewBody      Domino requires the $$ViewBody field, but ignores the value. This form is the default for all Web searches that aren’t associated with a specific form.
  2. Add a field named $$ViewBody to the form.
  3. If you want to display results page-by-page, add buttons or hotspots for forward and backward navigation to the form.
  4. Use the Start and Count parameters in your URL command.
varvouraAuthor Commented:
OK, this is not working for me even when I have the above set up.
For example, I have set a up a from template called "$$SearchTemplate for test1 where test 1 is the name of the view that I am going to embed. Then I place a $$ViewBody field on that form too, then used test1 view to embed in that form.

When I enter the URL to test locally:

I get the error message, the page cannot be displayed

varvouraAuthor Commented:
Did u indexed the database? Index the database.
And use $$SearchTemplateDefault
No need to use view name.
And also, look into Sandbox ( a custom made Searchform. Download it and use it.

Best of luck
varvouraAuthor Commented:

Now the $$SearchTemplate for test1 displays the embeded view, however, when I place the field name which is the first column in the categorized view in the "Show single category" nothing happens.

Would I need to create a $$SearchTemplate for each view that I need to filter separately. For example, if I want to view all the products which start with "IRRR" and be able to print them separately, then those products that start with "VVVV".
Should each of these have separate templates/views to display/print?
varvouraAuthor Commented:
Great, this can be useful, and guess what, I used the same link as above from the website. but I that's not exactly what i want.

I want something similar to "View selection criteria" in the notes client where I can specify what can be displayed in the view. For example, if I want the view to display those products which begin only with "IRRR", then I can print them with an print action in view. Whereas it is a bit different on the web, but I'd like to have the same functionality.
varvouraAuthor Commented:
Thank for all your help. I did resolve the issue the way I want to without having to use the search form. However, I am so glad you gave me those links to search db in sandbox and I am also greatful because you're trying to help. Points are yours!!
Thanks for the points.
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