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I am writing a flash application  and I want to create an xml based keyword search. I am looking for a component that will plug directly into flash and and allow me to easily add content to the xml structure. Each swf will be made up of 48 - 100 pages. therefore I will need the xml file to also send back variables stating which page they are on.

I hope has a small interface within the app and search results are displayed in a pop up movie, the word must be hightlight and illustrates where it is located in the paragraph and provide a link that allows the user to go directly to the page in question.

Does anyone know of such a tool or component that i can purchase.

I am also looking to add a 'notes' section and a highlighter 'tool'. I imagine that these will also use xml to store details. Does anyone know where I could get these tools. I would be greatly appreciated.

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Dushan De SilvaConnect With a Mentor Technology ArchitectCommented:
headsyAuthor Commented:
thanks I will check them out. I am looking for an off the shelf tool as I do not have the time to implement myself.
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