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Recovery of data from DVD-R's with CRC Errors

I have 7 or 8 volumes of a DVD archive from which I need to recover all data, or as much as is possible.

When trying a simple copy the DVD archives return CRC errors.  This happens on both copies of the dvd, each volume has 2 copies.

What is the best way to recover this data?
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hi I found this info from a good site

when CD/DVD drives get a CRC message from a disc, they try to read the disc again. After several failed attempts, they give up and display the redundancy check error. The problem can be hardware (loose cables, failing drive), software or damaged media. In most cases checking and cleaning the disc is the easiest way to overcome the problem. If different clean discs produce the same error, it is likely to be a hardware issue (check the discs in another drive). Another common cause of these errors is poorly burnt CDs and DVDs - especially those that had numerous or severe buffer underuns. USB burners suffer from this problem when the burn speed is too high (generally above 4X-8X).

to recover information from bad dvds/cds try cdcheck3 from here


Good Luck
SimonHookerAuthor Commented:
I believe the error is most likely the last, poor burning, this batch of DVD's was to my knowledge not verified following burning so their quality isn't assured

I will have a look at cdcheck3
I had a similar problem and found that I had a lot of dust on the CD lens. A quick blow across the lens area cured the problem. Low tech, but it worked.

Do you get this error on other machines? If so, you could be correct about the DVD itself.

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SimonHookerAuthor Commented:
It has happened on both my laptop and my server, so unfortunately it looks like the media
The standard software you can use to recover from optical media is isobuster:

SimonHookerAuthor Commented:
Initial tests with ISOBuster are looking good, will keep this thread updated as the tests progress

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