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Hi All,

I have configured postfix on our server and it works fine on our local network. We can send & recieve, even POP3 without any problem.

However, for testing reasons I sent e-mails from outside addresses, but they are not being delivered. The log sais "Relay access is denied". I read all kinds of HOWTOs and manuals, but can't get this work.

If I set "mynetwork_style = subnet" then all mail coming from the Internet will be dropped because of "relay access is denied". If I open my postfix to the whole word by setting "mynetwork" to a stupid something that filters nothing out, then I will be the relay station of the entire world's, which I obviously do not want to be.

So, how do I make it to receive mail that comes for our domain names, and drop all the rest?
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I'm not positive exactly how to do it, but you need to mess with the mail facility logging in the syslog.conf file.

however, I highly do not recommend not logging relay access denied messages.  I would think this would be a warning level message and it has to deal with security of your box.  Every mail server is going to get these because spammers.  If I were you, I'd figure out how to enlarge the /var/log directory by possibly putting it on its own larger partition, rotate the logs more often (be careful on this one, the more you rotate, the less historical data you have to go thru if you do get compromised), or keep less logs (same problem as rotating the logs more often).
please post, I need to know what your restrictions are.
PappPAuthor Commented:

I got this shorted out. It was a real dumb mistake on my part: I put the www to mydestinations in the main config file (ie. instead of I wrote I corrected this and now it works fine.

There is one problem though, still worth the 175 points. I got 35-40 hits each minute, asking for e-mail relay. Postfix correctly denies that, but at the same time fills up the syslog to the point where it grows out of control. So the question is: how to prevent the "Relay access denied" messages from being logged?
PappPAuthor Commented:
OK I agree 100%.
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