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I use Outlook Express for several newsgroups, but I've always been given the address to type in, it takes me right to Outlook and I set up the account.  I want to search for a newsgroup (okay, I'm a girly girl - it's jewelry making, beading, and stuff like that) but can't find one, so how do I find one by 'searching' through Outlook?  i've tried the various search features to search newsgroups, and it doesn't appear that I am searching the ones already there, so how do I know whether I am searching the internet or the ones I have already set up?  Thanks.
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NzarthConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To search for Newsgroups within Outlook Express, go to Tools, Newsgroups and then type in say Jewelry and the bottom panel should show the results.

If there are no results then check the spelling otherwise the News account that your searching under does not have those newsgroups on its server.

ISP newsgroup listings are generally rubbish so it might be better to subscribed to a paid news provider such as giganews, etc....

Another way is to go to and then click on the groups link and then search for jewelry, etc. is the one I found.
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