Sybase client not recognising PATH on windows

I conenct to a remote server (Win2K). And I am trying to use a GUI sybase client (RapidSQL) to connect to the ASE server. The open client library is installed in C:\Sybase.

I do not have permission to write in that directory. So to use my own sql.ini file, I changed the SYBASE environment variable to D:\Sybase (which I have the permission to write). I kept my own sql.ini file in D:\Sybase\ini directory. But I kept the PATH as "C:\Sybase\dll;%PATH%;" and Lib as "C:\Sybase\Lib;%LIB%;". The problem is the client recognises the sql.ini file. But gives an error like "Can not load open client library. please check that libct.dll and libcs.dll exists in Path...". They do exist in C:\Sybase\lib.

What could be the issue?

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ChrisKingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
and that goes for dll's and charset's and ... basically everything under sybase directory too
You have mentioned "C:\Sybase" and "D:\Sybase" directories (confusing)

Your SQL.INI file *MUST* be stored in %SYBASE%\ini\sql.ini

What is your SYBASE environment variable set to ?
and what version are you using (you don't seem to have the OCS directories)
and did you copy the "dll", "bin", etc directories over too ?
tknayakAuthor Commented:
No I did not copy them as I have given the environment variable Path as C:\Sybase\dll and Lib as C:\Sybase\lib
no, libraries are loaded form the %SYBASE%\lib (which should match your path too or you may run into other issues)
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