How to Set the NUM LOCK State at Logon in Windows XP to ALWAS ON

I Want to know if theres a way to set Num Lock to ON and it Never go's back to OFF
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Hi Lakio,

open regedit
HKEY_Users\.Default\Control Panel\Keyboard    Change the value data for "InitialKeyboardIndicators" to 2

this will make sure it is turned on but i am not sure how to stop it being turned off....
Hi Lakio try these:
Specifies whether the NUM LOCK key is set to ON or OFF when your computer starts. You can use this command only in your CONFIG.SYS file.

Set or Unset NUM LOCK in Windows Freeware

Good Luck
Cheers Merete

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Numlock is not a Windows-based action. It is a basic kbd function, and I don;t think there is anyway to stop it from being switched on/off - except by physically breaking the key on your kbd.

ha ha. >>> I think not...
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You can set this in your BIOS, there is a setting for Boot NumLock On/Off or something similar...
No, the bios only controls NumLock on/off at boot up - it doesn't stop you changing the status of numlock after boot.
LakioAuthor Commented:
thanks Jay_Jay70 but I did know about that,

points to Merete
Im thinking of useing that Freeware program and make it run every 5min

thanks guys
fair call :)

good luck
cool, thank you Lakio
bets wishes
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