file system info

How can I figure out the following information on my Linux machine?

How many hard disks are in the machine? Are they IDE or SCSI disks? How many
partitions are there on the disk(s)? Where are home directories stored? Where is the /tmp directory stored?
Where is the /usr/local directory stored?
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df -k

that will show you all mounted partitions, along with the total number of disks mounted, and what type (based on what their /dev/xxx name is).  The output will also tell you what partitions are mounted to what disks and on what slice of that particular disk.  
fdisk -l should list most basic types (ide and basic SCSI) and will list their partition setup

Home directories should be check by looking at /etc/passwd.

As for the oter questions, I think you've already answered them yourself.....
bear in mind that it will only list the mounted partitions, if a filesystem is not mounted, it will not be shown.
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